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Anonymous asked:

Is it weird to crave or have an urge to suck dick? I like giving head to my man, I love the look on his face, watching his eyes roll back, its a major turn on for me but it that strange? As a black woman I feel we can't really be open about our sexuality, its looked down upon but fxck it.....I liking sucking my mans dick, lol

afro-orgasm answered:


Absolutely nothing strange about it. And you’re right I do think it’s important for women, especially black women, to be able to express their sexual urges and desires without being shunned or slut shamed. Oral sex can be very thrilling and delicious. I can definitely understand the craving to please orally without even wanting sex in return.

And for the guys reading this, did you hear what she said? She loves the look on his face, the way he reacts…it turns her on. I think it’s important that guys learn how to be good at receiving head. Yes you can be a good or bad receiver of a blowjob.

How does one be good? You don’t have to act like you’ve never received head before, but heavy breathing, slips of profanity, calls for God, eye-rolling, and other visual and audible signs that she is doing something awesome makes her mouth and pussy wetter. Knowing she is rocking your world is fuel. Communicate that whether it be your facial expressions or moans.

Giving head to a guy is an interesting contrast of submission and empowerment, where she is on her knees for his own pleasure, but he is in a vulnerable position where she is in control of the most sensitive part of his body. It’s even possible to hear his heartbeat while blowing him.

So yes, a blowjob is usually an awesome experience for the receiver but it can (and should) absolutely be a powerfully arousing experience for the giver as well. I’m happy you have embraced your cravings. I’m sure your man appreciates it too. :D